Founded by Annie Legroulx in 2005, dringdring designs, produces and sells original hand-painted metal bicycle bells. All of the bright and colorful designs are created in our Montreal studio.


To paint our delicious bicycle bells, we use eco-friendly paints: without solvents or toxic fumes. Our painted bells are then baked, making them resistant to all types of weather.

The base coat of our bells is applied by a local organization offering employment opportunities to young people from all backgrounds.

Socially conscious


Dring Dring !

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With a distribution network in more than 50 countries, licensing some of our hottest bells with Kikkerland Design was our way of making sure our bells had a chance at getting to your local gift store. If they’re not in your favorite store, tell them about us.

Around the world

hand-painted          bicycle bells

Bells for Breasts

200 limited edition bells

All the proceeds will be donated to the fight against breast cancer

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